Flying K Thorodales
Sale Contract


I, Julie D. Kiracofe, Business Manager for Flying K Thorodales, do hereby agree to sell to ________________________, the horse_________________, description as follows:

________________________________________________________________________whose pedigree is: ______________________________________________________

I guarantee the above named horse to be free and clear of all encumberances and also guarantee the horse to vet serviceably sound within two weeks of the date of this contract. Vetting and any other costs involved in preparation for shipping (Coggins Test, etc.) to be at buyer's expense. If for any reason the horse should be returned to Flying K Thorodales, it will be returned in good condition at buyer's expense. I guarantee a negative Coggins test for the same period.

The purchase price is______________________________________ payable as follows:
25% down, balance at end of thirty day trial period. Any over due balance will be charged at 14% interest. Buyer is responsible for any expenses incurred by Flying K Thorodales or its agents, including legal fees, to collect monies owed. Any legal action required to collect monies owed will be handled in the appropriate Virginia court.

The horse is to be returned to Flying K Thorodales in good condition within thirty days after the date of delivery or payment made according to the terms stated above. If the horse is not returned, Flying K Thorodales or its agents reserve the right to repossess the horse without any further legal action to protect its interests. This Agreement shall be construed in accordance with and shall be governed by the laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia. Any legal action must be brought in Augusta County, Virginia. The Buyer is responsible for any expenses incurred in the process of such repossession or legal action. Flying K Thorodales shall retain title to the horse described in this contract until the account is paid in full.

The buyer assumes responsibility for the horse at the time of shipment and shall be responsible for all expenses relating to the horse for the period of this contract until the balance is paid in full. Flying K Thorodales reserves the right to check on this horse whenever it deems it necessary during this period regarding anything pertaining to this horse, including: training, boarding facilities, feed, hay, farrier work, etc. If the horse becomes sick or is injured, Flying K Thorodales is to be notified immediately.

SELLER:_______________________________________ DATE______________               
  Julie D. Kiracofe, Business Manager for Flying K Thorodales


Social Security Number ___________________