Stallions at Stud

 We were raised on Virginia's brand of southern hospitality, and we treat every customer at Flying K Thorodales as our guest. We hope you enjoy being our guest at, too! Below are links to some resources that we believe may be helpful to you:

Training Resources:

Need a trainer to help you get your horse started?

Erica Caravaglia email her for information

Resources to help you communicate more effectively with your new horse or your old friend:

John Lyons' Website


Flying K Thorodales offers full stall board or field board for your horses.

Purchasing a horse:

If you need transportation services
  to bring your new friend home, try

Horse or Triple H Horse Transport

or Equestrian Express

If you want to insure your new friend, try

If you will be hauling your horse
  yourself and will need
  accomodations on the road

Inns that Welcome Horses

Coming for a visit:

For directions to Flying K Thorodales


For accomodations and information on area attractions


While you are in the area, you
  might also want to visit these:

Virginia Horse Center

Need new supplies or

  You may find it here:

State Line Tack or at Bits and Bridles

Or search for it here or at

Or find almost anything "horse-y" at or at The Sports Arena

 or at All About Horses

For our young friends

Pictures to color

Mares and foals , Clydesdales , Other pictures to color

Activities to play with

 Word Puzzles and mazes

Or visit our daughter's page for her  kid's links

  Lisa's Kid's Linksl


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