We at Flying K Thorodales take great pride in the horses we have produced. We are also very proud of the progress they have made once they left us! We produce quality horses, and sell them honestly and at fair prices. This policy has allowed us to have very cordial relationships with our customers, and they have been most gracious in keeping us informed of the horses progress. Below are some of our "Alumni" with their new owners, and contact information. All of these customers are willing to discuss their experiences with Flying K Thorodales, and will be glad to give you references and tell you about their horses.
Warpaint (also known as "Springer") and her new owner are enjoying their dressage work. Nikki wrote us "Just wanted to let ya'll know that Springer (Warpaint) is doing very well! She is learning the ropes to start eventing at Beg. Novice this year and I know she will do great!"
email: A4x4LuViNgUrL@aol.com
Peking Duck's new owner, Sarah Miller, took him to his first dressage show.. She says "He won his first class with a 65.00% and then got a second in his second class with a 64.50. The horse that won that class was a 15 year old mare, she won with a 65.80. I think that was pretty good for a horse 65 days of actual riding. What do you think? If anybody wants to know about these horses as a dressage prospect send them in my direction, I'll be happy to tell them the horses are great"
email: TTCCorporation@aol.com
Sterling Legacy and her son, Leonard's Lyric are a beautiful pair and the pride and joy of owner Leslie Warner.
email: Leslie@reeseco.com
"Madison" -(formerly known as FlashDance)and her new owner Sarah Thomas, showed in Tunica, Mississippi at the Memphis in Springtime USEF "A" rated Dressage show on May 5-6 and brought home 5 classes, 5 First Place Ribbons, One Best Score for Training Level Division (Includes all the scores for training levels 1-4) and One BEST IN SHOW. Madison (Flashdance) did her first rated Hunter/Jumper show. Sarah and Madison have had about 8 lessons with a H/J trainer over the last 6 weeks, and we thought, what the heck, let's go to the Memphis Alderwood show and see how she is and what she wll do. Results of her 3 trips in the Jumper Ring? First Place, First Place, Second Place.....in Level 1 (3 ft) jumper....and that pinned her as CHAMPION in Level 1. She never backed away, she never had a rub, even in the jump off.. CONGRATULATIONS, Sarah and Madison!
email: sarahnthomas@bellsouth.net
Monte Cristo - his new owner, Allison, is enjoying her first experience with a Thorodale. She recently wrote "He is doing really well, I play with him everyday. I am really pleased with him, he is a good baby."
email allichaffin@yahoo.com
Crimson Tyde - his new owner, Mary, writes "He's doing really well and is as cute as can be. I can't believe it's been six months already! Well, I just want to tell you thank you and let you know he's doing great"
Email OIcanAndIwill88@aol.com
Gabrielle - and her new owner, Micki Picklow. Micki says "Here she is - my newest angel! Gabrielle really is an "Answered Prayer!"
Email pasleylucy1960@yahoo.com
Blue Moon -Now known as "Luna" and her new owner, Laura Hille, are becoming best friends. This is Laura's first experience with starting a young horse and she is pleased with the progress they are making.
Email: laurajhale@yahoo.com
Gandalf the Grey - shown here with his owner, Janet McManus, as they appeared in Dressage magazine.
Email at :mcmanus@crosslink.net
Lethal Weapon - shown here with his new owner, Elizabeth. He has become part of the family and will do ANYTHING for a cookie!!
Email : lapfister@aol.com
Kodiak (formerly known as Chung King)is now up north with his new owner, Doug Morkut
Email: d.g.morkut@worldnet.att.net
Meghan Richards, bought Pasha as an unstarted yougster. When he died after unsuccessful colic surgery, Meghan wrote us "Pasha was my best friend, my partner, my teacher, my therapy, my outlet.." Meghan is willing to talk with others about her experiences with Pasha and Flying K Thorodales
Email mrichards@xperts.com
Belle - "all dressed up" Her new "Mama," Laura Stewart says "She is such a love! I am just amazed how awesome she is!!! "
Email mss.lss@verizon.net
"The staff of Flying K Farm took their time with us and paid close attention to our needs and desires in searching for a quality family horse. "Ever Maria" has won the love and trust of our three generations with her gentle disposition, tractability, and eagerness to please. She has found her home for life, and we are sure she will pass on to her foals her outstanding conformation and personality traits." writes Elizabeth Middleton
This is Hi Sierra's new family's Christmas picture. She has quickly become a member of the family!
Email: CShaugh@aol.com
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